The protection of confidential information and the identity of our members is a top priority for us.​

All information you provide us with, whether through your projects or your profile, will only be used to find suitable partners for you. We do not share this information or your identity with other members or third parties outside of contact mediations approved by you. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for a more comprehensive understanding.​

DealCircle does not ask you to provide strictly confidential company information when you add your projects. We do not publish your projects on third party platforms to find potential customers.​

Once we suggest a suitable prospect to you, we will ask for your permission to contact them first. Only if you authorize us do we reveal your identity and introduce you to potential buyers. Only when we have your written authorization do we publish your information and your identity to suitable prospective buyers.​

This distinguishes DealCircle from traditional business exchanges or platforms that connect sellers and prospects.​

Furthermore, DealCircle does not offer members the opportunity to directly contact each other. The only party you interact with is DealCircle and its representatives. We do this to ensure that your time is used wisely and to keep “market noise” and rumors away from you and your projects. You will only be contacted with suitable prospects that meet your requirements. And only by DealCircle directly.​

Our goal is to make DealCircle a safe, time-efficient and effective tool for its members to complete transactions easily and securely.​