DealCircle offers an innovative approach to matching transactions with suitable buyers. This approach is based on a unique combination of:​


Database with over 250,000 German and international buyers​

>240,000 Corporate buyers and portfolio companies from financial sponsors​

>10,000 Private Equity, Family Offices and Investment Holdings​

plus numerous qualified MBI candidates​


State of the Art Matching algorithms​

Intelligent matching algorithms, based on:​

Investment profiles of buyers​

Proprietary knowledge of acquisition strategies of national and international corporates​

Actual dealing behavior​

Current search mandates of M&A advisors​


Human quality assurance by experienced investment professionals​

The big-data-based longlist is subjected to a 100% human quality check. DealCircle’s experienced staff therefore qualify the Longlist as a selective shortlist for the M&A advisor. ​

With over 30 years of private equity and M&A experience, you can be assured of the highest quality.​


Direct personal contact only after approval​

DealCircle provides the M&A advisor with a qualified shortlist and a suggested text for the cover letter for his approval.​

Thus the advisor has 100% process control and decides who receives which information.​

If projects are additionally posted on the private DealCircle platform, they are only anonymously visible to approved and verified interested parties.​

DealCircle offers technology-based M&A solutions for intelligent buyer identification and market approach.​

Thanks to guaranteed anonymity, full discretion and our active matching process, our solutions differ fundamentally from open and passive company exchanges.​