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Increase Your Deal Flow 

DealCircle continuously informs you about new sell-side opportunities that match your investment profile. In addition, you will find projects of hundreds of M&A advisors in the DealCircle platform. Get in touch with the advisors at the push of a button and join the transactions. 

All new members go through a special verification process by the DealCircle team to ensure the trustworthiness of the buyers.  

You get access to all deals that can be viewed on the platform. You can easily find the target companies that suit you using the intelligent search function.   

In addition to generally visible projects, there are also more exclusive projects on DealCircle that are not publicly offered. You get access to these deals by entering your investment profile or your search criteria.  

The Intelligent DealCircle matching algorithm compares your search or investment profile with all current sell-side opportunities. More exclusive projects outside the platform are also taken into account. If a match is successful, you will be actively informed about the suitable projects.   

Only you decide whether the proposed deals are of interest to you. Only then will DealCircle establish contact with the M&A advisors.  

As soon as the M&A advisor agrees to your expression of interest, the mutual contact details are exchanged, and the necessary information is provided by the M&A advisor. DealCircle is no longer involved in the further course of the process and is therefore completely neutral. 

As a DealCircle member, you can increase your relevant deal flow with just a few clicks. Get hold of the sales projects of a large number of M&A advisors as well as exclusive off-platform projects. 

Do you have anymore questions? For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to  Contact us directly. Of course, we would be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you at any time. 


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