Search mandates

Find the right targets for your buy-side assignments 

Deposit your search mandates with DealCircle as an advisor and we will proactively draw your attention to all suitable sell-side projects of other DealCircle members. You will automatically and permanently benefit from the comprehensive deal flow of hundreds of M&A advisors. 

To ensure the credibility of all buyers on DealCircle, only search mandates from registered and verified advisors are accepted.  

Setting up a search mandate takes only a few minutes, just fill out our short form and we can start immediately to find suitable projects for you. 

Your search profiles are always kept absolutely confidential and are therefore not visible to other members.  

The intelligent DealCircle matching algorithm compares your search mandates with the current DealCircle sell-side projects and informs you proactively about suitable new projects.  

You decide whether the proposed deals are of interest to you and your clients and whether DealCircle should contact the M&A advisors.  

The process control naturally remains with the sell-side advisor. He decides whether you are included in the process and whether you are given access to confidential information. DealCircle is no longer involved in the further course of the process and is therefore completely neutral. 

Do you have any questions regarding the placement of search mandates, our processes or DealCircle? Please do not hesitate to Contact us directly. Of course, we would also be happy to arrange a personal consultation with you at any time.